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Health Office


Each Lake Havasu Unified school has a Health Office with a nurse available at least part-time. The nurse's primary mission is to support the educational process by implementing strategies that promote student and staff safety and wellness.


Our Nurses

 HS Nurse picture TBolt Nurse picture   Jamaica Nurse picture
Tammara Knight
Lake Havasu High School
Tammie Dutton
Thunderbolt Middle School
Paula Struve
Havasupai and Nautilus
Lynn Burns
Jamaica Elementary
Bernice Heinrich
Oro Grande Classical Academy
Shannon Ward
Smoketree Elementary
Ann Elms
Starline Elementary


Immunization Clinic

The Havasu Community Health Foundation, the Mohave County Department of Public Health, and other local organizations sponsor Havasu Stick'em, a back-to-school family event. Various services (immunizations, free dental screenings, free sports physicals, free vision screenings) and fun family entertainment are available. The Stick'em event is usually in August.


School Policy and Health Issues

Lice Procedure (pediculosis)

When a student is found to have pediculosis (lice infestation):

    • The parent or guardian will be notified that their child has lice and treatment is needed.
    • The student will be checked when he or she returns to school.
    • If further treatment is needed the nurse will notify the parent or guardian.

Parents will not be notified when other students have lice for the following reasons:

    • Privacy
    • The risk of getting lice from a classmate in class is very low.
    • To prevent over treatment of non affected students.

The school nurse may at his/her discretion exclude a student when there is an apparent lack of treatment leading to continued lice infestation and/or viable nits.


Students With Injuries

Students with obvious injuries such as splints, casts, crutches, etc… need to bring a note from the doctor to the health office that specifies:

    • The nature of the injury.
    • What accommodations will be needed.
    • How long accommodations are expected to be needed.

Your student will not be allowed to return to activities such as PE, recess, or sports until a note is received from the doctor releasing him/her to participate.

For more minor injuries a parent may request in writing that for a short specified amount of time (no more than one week) their student be excused from PE, recess, or sports.


Students With Communicable Diseases

Students with a communicable disease will not be permitted in school until the contagious period is over or until a physician recommends a return. Please discuss any issues with your school nurse before your student returns to school.


Taking Medication at School

Students should not be carrying any type of medication. If it is necessary for your child to take medication during school hours please observe the following:

Prescription Medications

    • The medication must be given to the health office in the prescription container. It will be stored in the health office
    • Students may carry inhalers or epi-pens as prescribed with appropriate documentation, including the doctor’s order.
    • The official school medication form (from the health office) must be completed and signed by a parent.

Over-the-Counter Medications

    • The medication must be given to the health office in the original, properly labeled container. It will be stored in the health office. Students may not carry medications.
    • The official school medication form (from the health office) must be completed and signed by a parent.


Contact Your School Health Office

Lake Havasu High School 854-5350
Thunderbolt Middle School 854-7231
Havasupai Elementary 505-6042
Jamaica Elementary 854-7280
Nautilus Elementary 505-6062
Oro Grande Elementary 505-6082
Smoketree Elementary 505-6022
Starline Elementary 505-1490



Lake Havasu Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, marital status, or disability in admission to its programs,
services, or activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. More in English | Spanish.

We may provide links to outside websites that contain information about our students (including full name and pictures),
but such links will be limited to those related to a legitimate academic or extracurricular activity.


Hours: M–F, 7 am to 4 pm

2200 Havasupai Blvd. | Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 | PH: 928-505-6900 | FX: 928-505-6999