Community Forum on Education and Superintendent Search

If you missed the community forum on April 30, you can watch video of the meeting and review the PowerPoint presentations online. Show me!

LHHS students + state competitions = lots of gold, silver, and bronze

As the school year winds down, many Lake Havasu High School students participate in non-athletic, state level competitions, and they do very well indeed. More...

Donation to support technology

Our thanks to Linda Denovan of The Denovan Group Real Estate Professionals for making a donation of $1600 that will be used for technology items as listed below. We also thank the K-12 Foundation for LHUSD #1 for their involvement.

  • One new digital projector for Lake Havasu High School.
  • Chromebooks and Chromebook parts for Thunderbolt Middle School.
  • Replacement projector bulbs for schools as needed.

Pictured (left to right): Michelle Burke (district technology integration specialist) and LHUSD superintendent Gail Malay will put the donation to good use.

LHHS Fashion Program's annual Fashion Show

The Lake Havasu High School Fashion Design Program had its annual fashion show on Friday, April 17, at 7 p.m. in the High School's performing arts center. River Scene Magazine did a nice report.

Use some of your tax refund to join the tax credit program

Are you one of the thousands of Lake Havasu City residents that do not participate in the Arizona school tax credit program? Are you expecting an income tax refund this year? Roll some of it over into the tax credit program. It can help you get a bigger refund next year. More about the tax credit program...

How do you beat test anxiety? With music and humor.

How do you help students deal with test anxiety during testing week? How do you remind them to get a good night's rest, and to eat a good breakfast? How do you remind them to get to school on time? How do you build their confidence and let them know they are ready? Starline Elementary does it with a special test prep motivational video. Lyrics and performance by the very talented Mr. Novak; filmed/edited by Mrs. Hagest. Watch the video on YouTube.

LHHS team wins 2015 Mohave Community College Mathlympics

Story and a picture...

Legislature adjourns: SB 1172 and HB 2616 do not become law

We posted notice on this website of two items on the State legislative agenda that would have a negative impact on schools. Senate Bill 1172 said an employee of a school district could not distribute written or electronic materials to influence the outcome of an election or that advocated for or against pending legislation. House Bill 2616 said school districts could only keep part of the tax credit money they collected, the remainder being redistributed by the State.

We encouraged you to contact political officials about these bills, and you may have helped prevent them from becoming law. Thank you.

Liane Stancil receives K-12 Foundation Golden Apple Award

The K-12 Foundation for LHUSD#1 presented the Sherry Dailey Golden Apple Award for March, 2015 to Liane Stancil. Mrs. Stancil teaches 4th grade at Jamaica Elementary School. More and a picture.

“I am amazed that we can do experiments with Arizona State University professors and students.”

STEM clubs at Lake Havasu Unified elementary schools are helping to develop the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of tomorrow. Jamaica sixth grader, Avery, says, “I am amazed that we can do experiments with Arizona State University professors and students.”

The United States became a global leader through its innovations and inventions during the 20th Century. They included the automobile and airplane, space flight and the lunar landing, the radio and television, laser and fiber optics, the Internet and Wi-Fi communications.

Americans led the world in creativity using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). So, how will America fair in the 21st Century and beyond? More about STEM at LHUSD...

Recent articles from River Scene Magazine

River Scene Magazine features stories about Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area. Here are links to several recent stories about Lake Havasu Unified School District.

Donation will pay for new marquee at LHHS

The Lake Havasu Unified governing board, during its regular meeting on February 17, 2015, approved purchase of a new marquee for Lake Havasu High School. Money for the marquis was donated by Mr. Jeff Guylas. Our thanks to Mr. Guylas and his family.
More about the marquee | More about the meeting

LHHS selected to host 2017 student leadership convention

Lake Havasu High School has been selected to host the 2017 state convention of the Arizona Association of Student Councils. The event is expected to bring 2000 out of towners here for a weekend in early 2017. Congratulations to students and staff involved in student government for making this happen. Read more in the newspaper | PowerPoint

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