To support an environment that empowers all students and staff to become life-long learners and productive participants in our society.


To enable staff and students to be academically successful, technologically aware, and fully engaged in the learning process.
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The Technology department in Lake Havasu Unified School District works to ensure all students and staff have the technology resources they need to succeed.

At all of our schools and offices, our department maintains desktop computers, laptops, printers, projectors, wired and wireless internet service, telephone service, and high-speed internet connectivity. Behind all of the latest technology is our unwavering focus on student safety and information security. We employ the use of sophisticated content filtering capabilities as well as enterprise-grade security policies to ensure all staff and students are safe from online risks.


Administrative Assistant
928-505-6009 (fax)
Computer Technician
Nautilus and Havasupai, Bells, Intercoms, Telephones
Software Support and
Information Management Specialist
District Website Manager and
Food Services Support
System Administrator
Computer Technician
Jamaica, Smoketree, and Starline
Computer Technician
High School
Computer Technician
High School - CTE
Network Manager
Computer Technician
Oro Grande and Thunderbolt
Computer Technician
Help Desk