Tax Credit

How Tax Credit Works

Arizona tax law (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers a tax credit of up to $400 if they elect to support school extracurricular activities.

In the prior tax year, Tax Credit contributions helped raise over $440,000 dollars for extracurricular activities — like band, sports, and kindergarten enrichment — in our schools.


You can make your Tax Credit donation in person by visiting a School or the District Office, or by using our Online Payment System.
You can download the participation form prior to an in-person visit.

Use our Online Payment system - InTouch Receipting

Do you already have an LHUSD online payment account with InTouch?  Use the Parent/Guardian login.

If you do not have an account, no worries. Use the Guest login to Intouch to make your donation.

clipart of the state of Arizona with state flag and text to Support Tax Credit with 80 programs to choose from at all 8 LHUSD schools

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW... about the Arizona public school tax credit

  • Tax credit contributions received from January 1, 2023 through April 15, 2023 can be claimed on your Arizona State income tax return for either the 2022 OR 2023 tax year. You no longer have to make your contribution by December 31 for it to count on the current year taxes.
  • A Tax Credit results in a dollar-for-dollar REDUCTION in your personal state income tax, NOT a donation or itemized deduction! The amount you contribute is subtracted directly from your State Income Tax liability when you file your taxes.
  • 100% of your contribution goes to the school, program, & even student of YOUR choosing! You choose EXACTLY where YOUR tax dollars are spent! You may elect to sponsor a Scholarship for students in need, or support the Kindergarten Enrichment program!
  • There are over 80 clubs/sports for you to choose from, encompassing all 8 of our schools and all ages. The funds can only be used for Extra- and Co-Curricular activities occurring before/after normal school hours, NOT in classrooms.
  • Our athletic programs are supported solely through Tax Credits and local community support! The state provides $0 funding for athletic programs.
  • The maximum credit allowed per year: $200/single & $400/married filing jointly; any credit not used in current tax year carries over for 5 consecutive years! It's not necessary to give the Maximum allowed; every dollar collected counts! BUT...
  • If you DO contribute the maximum allowable to High School Athletics or a specific H.S. sport, you will receive a free "Thank You" athletic pass from the H.S Athletic Department; your whole family can attend every LHHS home sporting event FREE! (excludes district/regional games)
  • LHUSD #1 offers payment plans, automatic withdrawal/Bill Pay, and payroll deductions to help you maximize your credit. Debit/credit card payments are taken at the District Office as well.
  • You will receive a printed or emailed receipt as proof of payment for tax purposes.
  • This tax credit is available to every Arizona State taxpayer! You needn't live in Lake Havasu City, or have kids in school in order to take advantage of this credit.
  • Out-of-state contributions are accepted as well; the participant would be able to use the receipt as proof of a charitable contribution deduction for their taxes.
  • Use your "power to choose" by keeping your tax dollars right here in Lake Havasu City with the Tax Credit Program for Extra-Curricular Activities!

Stop by any school or the district office for details and to start your participation, or use the links above to get forms and additional information. Forms are also available at Mohave County Library, Arizona Financial Credit Union, and Mohave State Bank.

For more information about tax credit, call (928) 505–6900, or contact any of our schools.