LHUSD Staff Recognition and Awards

As a component of the America’s Best City competition, the community formed Vision 20/20 Lake Havasu City.  One of the pillars for change was focused on Education with a priority of retaining our talent.  With the award, the committee identified a focus on recognition for the talent we have in our district.

Our Staff Recognition Program recognizes the extraordinary contributions made by teachers and staff every day to improve the lives of students in Lake Havasu City.  To honor their work, we invite community members, parents, colleagues, and students to nominate a teacher or support staff member who they feel deserves this special recognition (nominations currently closed).

Staff Recognition Program

2019-2020 Teacher/Staff of the Year Awards

The online nomination phase was open this winter. We received many nominations for each of our categories and for each of our sites, and selections were made difficult because all of the nominees were excellent and deserving.

Please join us in congratulating our 2019-2020 honorees.

Staff Member: Danny Morgan, FSP, Oro Grande Classical Academy

Rookie: Megan Meraz, Thunderbolt Middle School

Nautilus: Amy DePuydt

Havasupai: Bobbi Nelson

Smoketree: Sue Falzon

Jamaica: Andrea Montes

Starline: Bridget Hagest

Oro Grande: Stephanie Holmes

Thunderbolt: Jeff Young

High School: Larry Olsen


District Teacher of the Year: Andrea Montes, Jamaica Elementary School 

The LHUSD Teacher of the Year will be nominated for the Arizona Rural Teacher of the Year through Arizona Rural Schools Association.

Prior Years Honorees
2018-2019 Teacher/Staff of the Year Awards

Staff Member: Tammie Dutton, Nurse - Thunderbolt

Rookie: Beka Kent, Oro Grande

Teachers: Trisha Konen, Nautilus; Olivia Robison, Havasupai; Roseann Hagen, Smoketree; Liane Stancil, Jamaica; Lori Felish, Starline; Carol Nowakowski, Oro Grande; Jen Black, Thunderbolt; Carmen Domek, High School


District Teacher of the Year: Roseann Hagen.  

Roseann was also named Mohave County Teacher of the Year by the ARSA.

2017-2018 Teacher/Staff of the Year Awards

Staff Member: Manuel Hurtado, FSP - LHHS

Rookie: Ashlee Byerley, English - LHHS

Teachers: Nina Mersing, Nautilus; Nicole Kuch, Havasupai; Tamara Yates, Smoketree; Jamie Hammer, Jamaica; Rebecca Pehling, Starline; Tara Smith, Oro Grande; Lindsay Bitterman, Thunderbolt; Larry Olsen, High School


District Teacher of the Year: Tara Smith.  

Tara was also named Mohave County Teacher of the Year by the ARSA.