Meal Account Refund/Transfer Policy

Request a Refund for a current student

Parents/Guardians may request a meal account refund at any time during the school year by completing the online Student Meal Account Refund/Transfer Request Form.  

Refunds of $10 or more are processed in the form of a check by Child Nutrition Services. 

Please allow 14 days for refunds to be processed.

Request a fund Transfer or make a Donation

Parents/Guardians may also elect to transfer any positive balance to another student account or to a donation account established to aid in the payment of student lunch debt.  Transfers of student account balances may be made by completing the online Student Meal Account Refund/Transfer Request Form.

Request a refund for Graduating Students or Withdrawn Students

Requests for refunds for graduating students or withdrawn students must be made within one year of graduation or withdrawal from the district by completing the online Student Meal Account Refund/Transfer Request Form.

Any Positive balance remaining after one year on an inactive account will become the property of the Lake Havasu Unified School District Child Nutrition Services Department. This is for non-returning students only. Account balances for returning students automatically transfer to the new school year.

For additional questions and refunds under $10, please contact Anne Taffe at