We provide these menus to help you decide ahead of time if your child will purchase a meal at school or take a sack lunch from home.

Menus are subject to change without notice if circumstances beyond our control cause a last-minute substitution.

Offer vs. Serve is used in all of our cafeterias. This allows students to select from a variety of foods - meats, grains, vegetables, fruit, and milk.

meal prices for the 20-21 school year


The school menus are updated in real-time.

On the menu screen, use the dropdown option (under the Menu tab) to switch between the Breakfast and Lunch menus.

The "print" versions below will display a PDF for the current calendar month.

 print: Breakfast Lunch

Grab-n-Go meals, served beginning Sept 14th, will consist of both breakfast and lunch options.

Access school menus anytime on your smartphones!

You will have access to: 


Nutrition Facts

Allergen Information

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