Gifted Program


The mission of Lake Havasu Unified School District is to nurture academic excellence and improve student achievement among all students.

The Lake Havasu Unified School District recognizes that gifted students have unique educational needs and is committed to enabling them to develop their extraordinary abilities.

Gifted students are gifted all day, not just for a small segment of that day.

Gifted Services Program Goals

  • To meet the individual needs of gifted students
  • To prepare students for higher level educational opportunities
  • To enhance curricula and provide learning experiences that meet the needs and nature of gifted learners
  • To nurture and stimulate critical, creative, and intellectual curiosity
  • To encourage citizenship and leadership development
  • To provide students and parents with educational opportunities to support the social and emotional needs of gifted learners
  • To provide students with experiences that involve planning, interpreting, finding, evaluating, and using information
  • To provide experiences for students to communicate information, ideas, and solutions clearly, succinctly, and accurately

Schools Providing Gifted Services

  • Starline Elementary School, Thunderbolt Middle School and Lake Havasu High School
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