Developmental Preschool

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  • Visual Impairments
  • Deaf/Hearing Impairments
  • Autism & Related Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Cognitive/Developmental Disabilities
  • Speech and Physical Impairments
2395 Smoketree Ave
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Phone: (928) 505-6033
Fax: (928) 505-6036

This program is a public school program for children with special needs, ages 3-5, who qualify for services based on state and federal guidelines.

We serve a diverse group of children with mild, moderate, and severe developmental delays.

In all of our classrooms, the children participate in a variety of activities that are both structured and unstructured. Activities include indoor and outdoor physical play, manipulative play, creative play, pretend play, cognitive activities, music, and storytime.

Speech and Language Pathologists coordinate language activities with the teacher in the classroom and meet frequently with the teacher to help incorporate language skills into each child's daily activities. For children with motor delays, the Occupational and Physical Therapists also work closely with classroom teachers to support a child's motor skill development during classroom activities.

The Developmental Preschool community of staff, students, and families work as a team.

We share the responsibility of modeling and teaching the essential academic and life skills necessary to encourage our students to become responsible, contributing members of society.

We strive to cultivate each student's strengths and to encourage his or her own positive character traits.

Our staff believes that children are unique individuals and by building upon each child's strengths and abilities, all children can be successful learners.

We believe that children learn in an engaging, safe, and consistent environment supported by a trained, caring, and responsive staff. Children need a variety of experiences that include daily opportunities to participate in small and large group activities that encourage math, language, thinking skills, social, and muscle development.

We believe that children learn best when they have opportunities to explore their world with adults encouraging and guiding growth and development. Our goal is to create a home/school partnership where parents and teachers work together to support children's learning.

Use the LHUSD Online Payment Portal to pay your student's tuition.

Scholarships are offered based on financial need and tuition slots ($65 per week).

For more information, please contact Joann Walker at 928-505-6033.

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