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Thunderbolt Educational Tour Club Members of Thunderbolt Renaissance with their faculty sponsor Mrs. Weber (lower left). Students were helping with the annual channel cleanup, separating trash from recyclables, cashing in the aluminum cans, and giving the money to the Western Arizona Humane Society.

Schools are facing many challenges today. Sometimes the true purpose of education is lost in the struggle to provide the best education possible.

As a result of Renaissance, schools within the community, as well as throughout the nation, have become unified around several common goals. These national goals include:

  • Increased student attendance.
  • Improved overall academic performance.
  • Positive citizenship.
  • The schools, teachers, and community have put together a partnership to make the Renaissance program a success. The schools and teachers have developed a reward program to acknowledge those students who make Renaissance. The community has also put together a reward program. Several local businesses offer discounts to Renaissance cardholders.

In order to make Renaissance, students must meet all of the following requirements each quarter:

  • Have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. with no D’s or F’s.
  • Have NO more than 4 absences per quarter. Exceptions are made for death in the family and hospitalization if a note is brought to attendance immediately upon returning to school. NO other exceptions will be made.
  • Have NO office referrals.
  • Have NO unsatisfactory citizenship.

The staff sponsor of Thunderbolt Middle School Renaissance is Kathleen Weber .

* Information on this page comes from the Thunderbolt Student Handbook. Opens a pdf document.