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Individuals, businesses, and organizations in Lake Havasu City have always been generous with their gifts and donations to the school district. This page recognizes these donations by making available the monthly gifts and donations report given to the governing board, and maybe an occasional photo.

If you wish to make a gift or donation to the district or a particular school, you may contact the school directly or email Mary Heronema at the district office.

Our thanks to all those who help us create the best possible educational environment for the children of Lake Havasu City.

Golden K Kiwanis
Golden K Kiwanis: Elementary school principals each accept a check for $300 from the local Golden K Kiwanis organization.

Golden K raises money for donations like this through their U.S. Flag program. For $30 a year, on Flag Day, the 4th of July, Pearl Harbor Day, President's Day, Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day, Golden K members will come and put a U.S. Flag in your yard. They will place it in the morning and take it down in the evening. The flag and its pole are inserted into a special flag receptacle that is installed in the ground.

Golden K has been doing this locally since July of 2000, and they have 550-600 flag clients. Funds raised help local programs like schools, College for Kids, and Boys and Girls Club.

For more information about the program, you can contact Tom Holtz at 453-6458.

Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church: Calvary Baptist Church pastor Chad Garrison (center) is recognized at a governing board meeting on 9/15/15. Calvary had run a fundraising campaign and was able to give $2,426.67 (for a total of $14,560) to each of our elementary schools. Calvary Church members fundraise for the district, volunteer in the classroom—you name it. They are exceptional. Pastor Chad is standing with our elementary school principals.

Songwriters Festival donates to elementary schools.
Lake Havasu Songwriters Festival: Donated $3,022 to the district for elementary school art and music education. Pictured l to r: Lynn Edwards (K-12 Foundation), Stephanie Hill (Havasupai/Jamaica/Oro Grande Elementary Art Teacher), John Johnston (K-12 Foundation), Andy Campbell (K-12 Foundation), Claudia Anderson (Elementary school Music teacher), Hal Christiansen (K-12 Foundation), Brook Campbell (representing the Lake Havasu Songwriters Festival), and Pat Rooney (Lake Havasu Unified governing board).

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