Hazardous Material Safety Training Program

This same material may be included in the binders containing material safety data sheets which are found at your school.  Any questions you have about the format of this information when seen in hard copy may be explained by the fact that it started as a web page.  Please send your comments or suggestions about these pages to Gary Pankow.  Clicking on any underlined text will take you to more information about the topic.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established in 1971 to be responsible for the health and safety of employees in the workplace. In 1985, the Hazard Communication Standard ("Right to Know Law") took effect. Why do we have a Hazard Communication Standard? OSHA says:

OSHA promulgated the Hazard Communication Standard to ensure that all employers receive the information they need to inform and train their employees properly on the hazardous substances they work with and to help design and put in place employee protection programs. It also provides necessary hazard information to employees, so they can participate in and support the protective measures in place at their workplace.
The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) sets the following requirements for employers. (If text is underlined, you can click on it for more information.) OSHA talks about employers and employees. What is our responsibility to the students? 

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Each school has two identical sets of material safety data sheet books. Thunderbolt and the High School have the two sets, plus a set of science chemical MSDSs from Flinn Scientific. These books are at the following locations at each school.  Remember, the books must be available to staff, even outside of what would be considered normal working hours.  They can't be kept behind a locked door staff does not have a key for.


  • One set in the principal's office.
  • One set is in the facility service person's office (across from storeroom #178).
  • One set in the front office, on bookshelves near the message board.
  • One set in Mr. Tom's office.
  • One set of Flinn Scientific MSDSs for science chemicals in the library.
  • One set in the library.
  • One set in the Facility Service office.
  • One set in the staff lounge.
  • One set in the Facility Service office.
  • One set in front office in cabinet under front counter.
  • One set in custodial room #120.
Oro Grande:
  • One set in front office under the PA box.
  • One set in room #406 (Facility Service office).
High School:
  • One set in mail room off the front office.
  • One set in Facility Service office.
  • One set of Flinn Scientific MSDSs for science chemicals in workroom #D-102.
  • One set in front office.
  • One set with facility service person.

District Office

  • In workroom over file cabinets.

Individual staff members may receive "personal" MSDS books for products only they are using.  Click here for more information.

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