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July 8, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

I am responsible for acquiring material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for products used in the school district. In the past, all new MSDSs were added to the master MSDS books kept at each school. Since I have no way of knowing if a specific product is still being used or not, the MSDS books just kept getting larger and larger. I want to try a different approach.

As new products come in, I will decide whether each new MSDS is of value to all staff, or only to very specific staff. MSDSs needed by all staff will be added to the main MSDS book. An MSDS needed only by specific staff will be sent to those specific people only. For instance, if one art teacher orders a product, and I have no reason to believe any other staff member will be using that product, I will send a copy of the MSDS only to that teacher. It will not be added to the master MSDS book. The master MSDS book will contain sheets for products all staff can order from the warehouse, or products that are in more general use throughout the district.

I will be sending you a binder for your "personal" MSDSs. The type of binder I send will vary based on my best guess about how many MSDSs you are likely to accumulate. The binder will also contain some general information on material safety data sheets and how to use them. Some of this information will come from our web site at Please read it.

You are not required to have a sheet for a product you no longer use, so if you use it all up, and will not be ordering more, you can throw the sheet away. Don't throw it away if you are going to order more each year. I will have a copy in my files if you ever need a replacement.


Gary Pankow
Warehouse Manager

Approved by 
Keith D. Clark
Director, Business Services