Chemical Product and Manufacturer 

MSDS Sample
During this training, we will use a ServiceMaster MSDS for Bowl Descaler Pro as an example. This section shows the manufacturer, importer, employer, or other responsible party preparing or distributing the material safety data sheet. There should also be an address and phone number so you can get additional information on the product and appropriate emergency procedures. Some MSDSs will ask you to call CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center) for emergency information. If a company does not want to provide its own emergency phone number, they can pay CHEMTREC a fee to do it for them. Your emergency does not have to be transportation related to call CHEMTREC for assistance. 

This section also includes the product name. The name shown on the MSDS for a product must be the same as the name that appears on the label for the product. This section may also include synonyms and foreign spellings of the name, and manufacturer's product numbers. Companies often produce many grades or parities of a product. They may issue a generic MSDS to cover all the grades if they list the various grades on the MSDS. As an example, a paint may come in many different colors, but they may all be covered by one MSDS. See Liquitex example below. This one sheet covers over 90 products.

This section may also include the National Fire Protection Association ratings for the health hazard, fire hazard, and reactivity hazard posed by the product. This rating system assigns a number from 0 to 4 to each category of hazard. 0 means no hazard, 1 means some hazard, and so on. For example, Elmer's Rubber Cement has these hazard ratings.

                 HEALTH = 1 (slight) 
                   FIRE = 4 (extreme) 
             REACTIVITY = 0 (least)
The date the MSDS was prepared or last revised may be shown here, or it may be at the bottom of the sheet. If there is no date, or if the MSDS is several years old, there have probably been changes. If you are still using the product, you should request the current MSDS. In Canada, three-year-old MSDSs are automatically invalid.

Sample showing more than one product on the same MSDS.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                            MSDS NO. TUBE & JAR
              COLORS & LIQUITEX

BINNEY & SMITH INC.                       TELEPHONE NOS.
1100 CHURCH LANE                              EMERGENCY:   1-610-253-6271
EASTON,  PA 18044                           INFORMATION:   1-800-272-9652


PRODUCT NAME(S) :  LIQUITEX® Artist Acrylic Colors in Tubes and Jars;
LIQUITEX® Concentrated Artist Colors

PRODUCT COLORS/CODES :  No. 10-1002, 10-1008, 10-1016, 10-1032, 10-1045,
                        10-1047,  10-1075,  10-1088,  12-2002,  12-2008,
                  10-1077,  10-1000-0-XXX,  10-1001-0-XXX,  12-1000-0-XXX

LIQUITEX® Acrylic Colors

810 Light Portrait Pink   150 Cadmium Orange     840 Brilliant Yellow Green
164 Cerulean Blue         700 Light Magenta      414 Yellow Orange Azo
740 Vivid Lime Green      500 Medium Magenta     275 Manganese Blue Hue
335 Red Oxide             680 Light Blue Violet  650 Light Emerald Green

This list goes on to name 90 other colors of acrylic paint all covered by this one MSDS. 

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