Safety Tip #1: No scented markers or other products in classrooms, even if non-toxic, since scented products teach children to sniff and eat art materials.  

Safety Tip #2: Always position yourself with an exit or means of escape at your back before you attempt to use an extinguisher to put out a fire.

Safety Tip #3: The most dangerous chemical is the one without a label.  Make sure all containers are labeled.

Links to our Hazard Communication and Safety Training Materials.

Links to Occupational Safety and Health Administration documents.


  • Oklahoma State University has an excellent fire extinguisher training web site.

  • Many of the art supplies we use show one of these seals on the label.
    These seals are awarded by The Arts & Creative Materials Institute. To find out what the seals mean, and for other information about the safe use of art materials, visit their web site or call them at 617-426-6400.

  • If a product I am using has one of these labels, does that mean I do not have to read the material safety data sheet?  No, it does not.  Go here to see why.

  • The California Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment publishes a list of products which cannot be used in grades K through 6 in California schools due to safety concerns. This list is based mainly on the ratings awarded by The Arts & Creative Materials Institute. You can see the list at the California EPA web site.

  • For information about many children's safety issues, visit the Consumer Products Safety Commission web site.