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SkillsUSA 2010 State, conclusion

Advanced web design medal winners Alex, Kayla, Shay, Jessica, Austin, and Wayne.
Community Service (level 2) gold medal winners Stephen and Briana. Ryan is not in the picture.

The Community Service team took gold at the Regional competition and followed that up by winning a second gold at State in the Level 2 contest. Level 3 is for juniors and seniors while Level 2 is for sophomores. Community Service team members included: Briana, Ryan, and Stephen. LHHS contestants also showed they couldn't be shaken by winning 2nd place in both the Level 3 and Level 2 Extemporaneous Speaking events. Winners included: Silver – Brandon (Level 3) and Silver – Zach (Level 2).

Not to be outdone by the upperclassman, Havasu's Bridge Builders (advisor Paul Frame) caught on quickly by getting a sweep of their own. Competitors had to design a balsa wood bridge on paper according to specs and then build it. Bridges were then weighed and broken down the center to determine the maximum weight that each individual student’s design would hold. Efficiency was then calculated by weight of materials used versus the maximum weight the bridge held prior to breaking. Winner included: Gold – Charles, Silver – Brent, and Bronze – Laura.

Advanced web design medal winners Alex, Kayla, Shay, Jessica, Austin, and Wayne.
Extemporaneous Speaking silver medal winner Zach.

If you see any of the SkillsUSA members in their dress shirts, slacks, and bright red jackets, be sure to congratulate them because even though not everyone won a medal, all 57 competitors worked very hard and will take with them the memories and satisfaction of competing in SkillsUSA. Alex and Kayla (web design), Rhannon (promotional bulletin board), Tyler (job interview), and Stephen (CAD architecture) will be traveling with their advisors to Kansas City from June 21-26 for the national SkillsUSA Nationals. They will represent their school, town, and state, while competing against the best in the nation. A special thanks to the WAVE JTED and all of our tax credit donors whose support makes this competition possible. Thank you again, and good luck at Nationals!

Our thanks to Mr. Aranguena for the story and pictures.

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Bridge building contestants Charles, Tyler, Laura, Christian, Brent, Brian, and advisor Paul Frame.
Winner of the SkillsUSA State Pin Design Contest, Miguel.
Job interview medal winners Tyler, Kayla, and Dan.
Bridge Building winners (L-R): Laura (bronze), Charles (gold), and Brent (silver).