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LHHS Scoreboard

New scoreboard.

The Lake Havasu High School Athletic Booster organization worked with local businesses to get a new, state of the art, wireless scoreboard for Lake Havasu High School's Lee Barnes Stadium. Thanks to generous donations of money, time, and materials, it was purchased and installed at no cost to the school district.

Lake Havasu High School athletic director Roger Burger and the Lake Havasu High School Athletic Program are grateful to the many businesses and individuals who helped with the purchase and installation of the new Daktronics scoreboard. Here is a list (in no particular order) of those who contributed with some comments from Mr. Burger.

Lake Havasu Athletic Booster Club: Mike Vedder was the Chair and he eventually became the workhorse behind the project. Steve Greely was a member that punched the program along and had the attitude "We can do this." Mary Holtzen made the contacts with sponsors to financially back the scoreboard.

UniSource: Big thanks. They sent crews over to take down the old scoreboard and install the new one. This was a three day deal helping us out with no cost involved. Really appreciate the work and the crew led by Football Assistant Coach Kurt Hoffman.

Our primary financial sponsors: Mohave State Bank, Mohave Wireless, Taco Bell, and Frontier Communications.

Campbell Redi-Mix: We had a truck scheduled for removal of the old scoreboard and that fell through. We called Campbell Redi-Mix and Joe Campbell helped us out with no questions asked. Campbell is always doing this, helping our district as needed.

Sam Nichols Electrical: Helped with install of electricity to the board. Stepped up and helped us out. A Nichols employee was working on the board when the picture shown above was taken.

Mr. Burger says the old scoreboard, donated many years ago by Anderson Chrysler, will be given to the local Pop Warner Football program.