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LHHS SkillsUSA students dominate at regionals

Community Service medal winners Alex, Ryan, and Kayla.Gold Medal Community Service Winners (L-R): Alex, Ryan, Kayla.

Members of the The Lake Havasu High School SkillsUSA club attended the SkillsUSA regional competition in Yuma, AZ on February 5th, 2010, ready to continue their domination of the region. LHHS’s SkillsUSA club did not disappoint, winning 21 of a possible 24 medals. (The regional competition offers a total of 54 medals, but LHHS does not compete in all contests because some programs like firefighting and welding are not offered at our school.) Lake Havasu High School won more medals than any other school competing at regionals this year.

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry, working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Like any other group of students entering a competition, practice was a must. Students and advisors spent many hours of personal time practicing and preparing to ensure that all competitors were ready to compete. LHHS competed in 6 areas in Yuma including: autos, drafting, bridge building, job interview, community service, and web design.

CAD architecture medal winners Ryan, Stephen, and Dan. CAD Architecture Winners (L-R): Ryan (Bronze), Stephen (Gold), Dan (Silver).

To get the awards ceremony kicked off, a team consisting of three LHHS SkillsUSA club officers won a gold medal in the community service contest. This was a new contest for LHHS and one that our students spent many hours preparing for. Team members included LHHS SkillsUSA club president Alex, vice-president Kayla, and secretary Ryan.

Brian Aranguena, LHHS Drafting Instructor and head SkillsUSA advisor, fielded a highly competitive group of students who competed in four drafting areas at regionals this year. His students alone earned eleven medals, including three drafting competition sweeps (winning gold, silver, and bronze in a category). The CAD architecture competition was swept by Stephen (Gold), Dan (Silver), and Ryan (Bronze). CAD architecture is a Nationally Qualifying contest at State with the opportunity to compete for National Honors in Kansas City in June. Over this past summer, Lake Havasu’s very own Taylor won the national gold medal on his second attempt in the CAD architecture competition. LHHS’s board architecture team scored another sweep. Medals were won by Jose (Gold), Brandon (Silver), and Garrett (Bronze). Keeping up with the rest were board mechanical medal winners: Scott (Gold), Dan (Silver), and Zack (Bronze).

Community Service medal winners Alex, Ryan, and Kayla.
Board Mechanical Winners (L-R): Zack (Bronze), Scott (Gold), Dan (Silver)
Board mechanical medal winners Zack, Scott, and Dan.
Board Architecture Winners (L-R): Garrett (Bronze), Jose (Gold), Brandon (Silver)

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