Lake Havasu High wins team competition in 2016 Mathlympics

Lake Havasu High School math students once again won the team competition at the 19th Annual Mohave Community College Mathlympics. (See them get the news on the MCC Facebook page.) LHHS students competed against the best math students from seven other area high schools, including Mohave High School, Laughlin High School, and Telesis. Team Havasu coach Larry Olsen says:

I truly believe that our Unified K-12 district should take pride in this event. Whether it was the Kindergarten teacher teaching cardinal numbers, the second grade teacher teaching subtraction, the fourth grade teacher teaching division, the fifth grade teacher teaching geometry standards, the middle school teachers teaching ratio and proportion, or the high school teachers teaching the quadratic formula and Chi Square distribution, we all contributed to these students’ math skills along their mathematical journey. Thank you for a job well done.

Congratulations to the medal winning students listed below, all the Lake Havasu Unified students who competed, and to their teachers and parents.

  • Algebra 1
    • Gold - Kylee
    • Bronze - Nick
  • Geometry
    • Gold - Jomar
    • Silver - Chase
  • Algebra 2
    • Gold - Garrick
    • Silver - Alexa
    • Bronze - Trevor
  • Pre-Calculus
    • Bronze - Syeda
  • Statistics
    • Bronze- Kaycee
  • Calculus
    • Gold - Gowtham
    • Silver- Sergio

Also contributing to the overall team score were Rebecca, Brody, Justin, Faith, Bailey, Emily, and Will. [4/7/16]