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Ad designers earn $$$ for their classrooms

Broadcast News Production gold medal winners John Schneider from the White Sheet presents check to superintendent Malay.

3/4/2014- Lake Havasu Unified elementary school students answered a Design-An-Ad challenge from the White Sheet and earned $3,200.

Quoted from the White Sheet:

In an effort to put dollars back into our local school district, we were happy to afford students in grades 1-6 the opportunity to create their own personal, artistic advertisements for Lake Havasu City Area businesses, and to see their creative work displayed in print . . . We support teachers and principals in encouraging students to embrace creativity, while, perhaps for the first time, introducing these young artists to the intriguing world of media design.

The White Sheet is donating a portion of the sales, $6 per ad sold, to the student designers' classrooms, to be used in whatever educational manner the teachers choose. In addition . . . the White Sheet will donate 10% of the total proceeds to the school district. We are proud to say the donation for the 1st Annual Design-An-Ad is $3,200.40.

Maybe some of the slogans students came up with will be permanently adopted by businesses. How about these two examples written for Eyes of Arizona.

  • The place to be when you can't see. (by Lexi at Jamaica Elementary)
  • If your vision gets blurry come to me in a hurry. (by Mikaela at Nautilus Elementary)

Thanks to Mr. Schneider and the White Sheet for this educational and rewarding opportunity.

Read the special White Sheet Design-An-Ad issue. (This is a very large pdf file.)