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LHHS SkillsUSA students win big at State

On March 25, 2013, SkillsUSA Lake Havasu High School brought one of its largest ever delegations of students to the Arizona SkillsUSA championships. Between, Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Drafting, Digital Media Technology, Journalism, Fundamentals of Auto/ Drafting, and Web Design – Lake Havasu High School brought 60 Career and Technical Education students!

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Below you will see the impressive lists of contests that Lake Havasu medaled in. We did not break the school medal record of 26, coming just 6 short; however, the national student qualifiers record of 7 will be shattered when SkillsUSA sponsors Brian Aranguena, Steven Paluch, Kristal Norman and Sam Brindis take 13 CTE students to Kansas City, Missouri this June to compete against the best SkillsUSA members in the Nation. Primarily, the students’ dedication to long Saturday practices in their chosen vocation is a testament as to why they did so well.

Medals are golden, but they do not tell the whole story. Every SkillsUSA student whether a medalist or not deserves your recognition, if you see them in class be sure to congratulate them all.

Your tax credit contributions help fund LHHS SkillsUSA teams. We are grateful for this important community support.

  • 3 Medals in Web Design (1st Place - Nick / Christian , 2nd Place - Georgie / Meme , 3rd Place – Amanda / Jacob .
  • 1 Medal CAD Architecture (1st Place Michael )
  • 1 Medal Broadcast News Production (1st Place – Jason , Zoe , Michaela , Tabitha ).
  • 1 Medal Job Interview (1st Place - Amanda ).
  • 1 Medal Quiz Bowl (1st Place - Michael , Shane , Robert , Jacob , Nick ).
  • 1 Medal Job Demonstration Open (1st Place – Nick).
  • 2 Medals Board/CAD Architecture (1st Place – William , 3rd Place – Jonathan ).
  • 3 Medals Home Design (1st Place – Cassidy / Nolan , 2nd Place – April / Jennifer , 3rd Place – Josh / Michael).
  • 1 Medal Extemporaneous Speech (2nd Place – Zoe ).
  • 3 Medals Bridge Building Team (1st Place – Justin / Jeff , 2nd Place – Alexandra / Kei , 3rd Place – Alec / Jason ).
  • 2 Medals Bridge Building Individual (1st Place – Tristen , 2nd Place – Ronnie ).
  • 1 Medal Related Technical Math (3rd Place – Peter ).

First place students in Broadcast News Production, CAD Architecture, Job Interview, Quiz Bowl, and Web Design will travel to Kansas City, MO in June to compete in their respective contests.