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LHHS SkillsUSA students break records again at 2012 regionals

Bridge BuildingTaylor and Brett work on their Bridge Building project.

This is turning out to be another record breaking year for the Lake Havasu High School SkillsUSA club. For a third straight year, the club has broken its previous record for total medals won at the annual regional competition. The Lake Havasu High School SkillsUSA club took 53 members to this year's regionals in Yuma and returned with 36 out of a possible 41 medals.

LHHS won 24 medals in 2010, and 34 medals in 2011. This year, students raised last year's total by 2. LHHS has won more medals than any other high school participating at the regional competition the past two years. This year's trip was a major success and a true demonstration of the hard work that both the students and advisors put into being successful in SkillsUSA. The 2012 regional medal winners from Lake Havasu High School are listed further down the page. Thanks to the Lake Havasu High School faculty that sponsor the SkillsUSA program: Bryan Andrews, Brian Aranguena, Sam Brindis, Paul Frame, Kristal Norman, Steve Paluch, and Mitch Posey.

Your tax credit contributions help fund LHHS SkillsUSA teams in automotive, drafting, audio visual, construction, computer systems, and web design. We are grateful for this important community support.

Advertising and DesignKarli works on her gold medal winning Advertising and Design project.
  • 3 Medals in Cad Architecture Drafting (Gold - Sabrina, Silver - Amanda, Bronze - Dan)
  • 3 Medals in Board Architecture Drafting (Gold - Michael, Silver - Brandon, Bronze - Laura)
  • 3 Medals in CAD Mechanical Drafting (Gold - Ivan, Silver - Peter, Bronze - Kevin)
  • 3 Medals in Board Mechanical Drafting (Gold - Kolby, Silver - Kelci, Bronze - Trevor)
  • 3 Medals in Web Design Advanced, a team event. (Gold - David / Robert, Silver - Falon / Brianna, Bronze - Amanda / Jacob)
  • 3 Medals in Job Interview (Gold - Nick, Silver - Dan, Bronze - Amanda)
  • 3 Medals in Job Skills Demo (Gold - Mykaela, Silver - Sierra, Bronze – Brianna)
  • 3 Medals in Bridge Building (Individual) (Gold - Derek, Silver - Jen, Bronze – Winner does not wish name to be published)
  • 2 Medals in Bridge Building (Team) (Silver - Josh / Stacey, Bronze - Brett / Taylor)
  • 2 Medals in Advertising & Design (Gold - Karli, Silver - Rachna)
  • 2 Medals in Related Technical Math (Gold - Robert, Silver - Michael)
  • 2 Medals in Construction Technology (Silver - Chris, Bronze - Colton)
  • 2 Medals in Prepared Speech (Silver - Amanda, Bronze - Brandon)
  • 1 Medal in Broadcast News (Silver – Michaela, Brianna, Paul, JT)
  • 1 Medal in Community Service (Gold - Sabrina, Amanda, Scott)
Construction Chris pounds together some framing for the Construction Technology competition.
Tech Math Lots of concentration required as David and Michael do Technical Math calculations.