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LHHS SkillsUSA students dominate at 2011 regionals

The year is turning out to be a record year for the 2011 SkillsUSA club. A record seventy-five LHHS SkillsUSA club members traveled to Yuma and returned from their regional competition last Friday with yet another load of medals. After setting a record for total medals the previous year of 24, Havasu smashed that by winning 34 medals this year out of a possible 41. LHHS won more medals than any other school in Yuma at the Regional competition. Each program of our SkillsUSA club was able to come away with either a first, second, or third place medal. The trip was a major success and a true demonstration of the hard work that both the advisors and students put into being successful in SkillsUSA. Listed below are the winners. If you have them in your class, please congratulate them on a job well done. (Story continues below pictures. Click a picture for a larger view.)

CAD winner
CAD Architecture.
Bridge Building winner
Bridge Building.
Technical Math winner
Related Technical Math.
Web Design winners
Web Design.
Automotive and Consruction winners.
Automotive Technology and
Construction Technology.

LHHS SkillsUSA Advisors include: Brian Aranguena, Steve Paluch, Brian Steele, Matt Scott, Steve Eide, Paul Frame, & Curt Mhyre.

The SkillsUSA club would like to thank the WAVE JTED and all of our tax credit donators for all their support. It is very much appreciated.

State Competition will be April 19-20. Please wish all SkillsUSA students luck. Thanks

Medals won at 2011 SkillsUSA regionals:

3 Medals in Cad Architecture Drafting (Gold-Jake, Silver-Ryne, Bronze-Charles)
3 Medals in Board Architecture Drafting (Gold-Haley, Silver-Scott, Bronze-Brad)
3 Medals in CAD Mechanical Drafting (Gold-Dan, Silver-Jordan, Bronze- Derek)
3 Medals in Board Mechanical Drafting (Gold-Michael, Silver-Laura, Bronze- Tyler)
3 Medals in Web Design Advanced(Gold-Shelby / Austin, Gold- Nolan/David, Bronze-Markus/Cody) (2 way tie for Gold)
3 Medals in Web Design Intro(Gold-Trevor/ Stephen, Silver- Taylor/ Jason, Bronze-Ryan/Matt)
3 Medals in Advertising & Design (Gold-Jessica, Silver-Amanda, Bronze-Devin)
3 Medals in Bridge Building (Gold-Trevor, Silver- Will, Bronze-Mckenzie, Nicholas) (2 way tie for bronze)
2 Medals in Media Creation (Gold-Amanda, Silver-Kursten)
2 Medals in Related Technical Math (Gold-Robert, Silver-Markus)
1 Medal in TV Production (Bronze- Kyle/ Jenny)
1 Medal in Automotive (Gold - Kevin)
1 Medal in Construction Technology (Gold - Justin)
1 Medal in Job Interview (Gold-Jason)
1 Medal in Job Skills Demo (Bronze-Sabrina)
1 Medal in Extemporaneous Speaking (Bronze-Nolan)