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This will knock your socks off! SkillsUSA Nationals

Medal winners Bryana, Daniel, and Paige.
Lake Havasu High School 2009 graduate Taylor (on the right) stands with his drafting instructor Brian Aranguena. Taylor won the gold medal in architectural drafting at the 2009 national SkillsUSA competition.

Over the years, Lake Havasu High School has operated a very successful SkillsUSA program. (You may also know it as VICA, but these days the program is called SkillsUSA.) SkillsUSA allows career/vocational education students to test their skills at regional, state, and national competitions. The national competition is a huge event. This year they were expecting 5,400 students to compete in 91 different contests.

Lake Havasu High routinely qualifies students for the annual state competition, and routinely brings home state medals. It is also not unusual for the school to send students to the annual national competition. The 2009 national competition was held last week in Kansas City, Missouri, and something happened that was far from routine. Lake Havasu High School graduating senior Taylor won the national gold medal for architectural drafting. This is a staggering accomplishment. Lake Havasu High School drafting teacher Brian Aranguena says this is the first time an LHHS student has medaled at the national championships since 1999 and the first time one had taken gold since 1998. Mr. Aranguena says, "I am so proud of Taylor. It is great it to see all of his hard work over the past 4 years pay off. He has truly shown what the LHHS Drafting Technology Program is all about."

Medal winners Bryana, Daniel, and Paige.
Lake Havasu High students Alex and Kayla work on their web design task at the 2009 SkillsUSA national competition. They placed sixth out of 30 teams.

Lake Havasu High also sent a web page design team to the national competition. That team, made up of students Alex and Kayla, did not win a medal, but placed sixth out of the 30 teams competing in their event. This is also an amazing accomplishment because the web page design program at Lake Havasu High was started just two years ago. Alex and Kayla will return to LHHS as seniors in the fall.

Congratulations to Taylor, Alex, and Kayla, and to your instructors Brian Aranguena (drafting) and Steven Paluch (web page design). Don't forget, your tax credit dollars help support programs like SkillsUSA. Mr. Aranguena, Mr. Paluch, and all teachers and students who participate in SkillsUSA send a hearty thanks to all the SkillsUSA tax credit donators.