K-12 Foundation recognizes teachers

The K-12 Foundation for LHUSD #1 held its 11th annual Academic Recognition Banquet on April 24, 2015. The top twenty seniors from Lake Havasu High School are asked to name the teacher that had a significant positive influence on their education and life. The banquet recognizes those students and the teachers they named. Several of these teachers have been selected more than once for this honor over the years. (See past winners at k12foundation.org/academicBanquet.htm.)

You can help the K-12 Foundation in its mission to support the students, staff, and schools of Lake Havasu Unified. Check their website for information on becoming a member (only costs $25 a year for a family membership), donating, or volunteering.

Teachers honored at the Academic Recognition Banquet (front row, left to right): Mike Washington, Cheryl Wylie, Meghan Cates Ulmer, Christie Locatis, Julie Zemojtel, Valari Rose-Johnson, Jaime Festa-Daigle, Kelsey Balint, Ginny Sautner, and Nancy Schweigert.
Back row, left to right: John Bradbury, Josh Carda, Steven Paluch, Erin Eppler, Larry Olsen, Karl Thompson, Marsha Becker, George Olsen, Nicole Kuch and Brady Krueger.

Academic Recognition Banquet: teachers