K-12 Foundation recognizes students and teachers

The K-12 Foundation for LHUSD #1 held its 11th annual Academic Recognition Banquet on April 24, 2015. The top twenty seniors from Lake Havasu High School are asked to name the teacher that had a significant positive influence on their education and life. The banquet recognizes those students and the teachers they named.

You can help the K-12 Foundation in its mission to support the students, staff, and schools of Lake Havasu Unified. Check their website for information on becoming a member (only costs $25 a year for a family membership), donating, or volunteering.

Students honored at the Academic Recognition Banquet (front row, left to right): Aubrey, McKenna, Hannah, Stevie, Ciella, Morgan, Jordyn, Danielle, Tristyn, and Jenna.
Back row, left to right: Kayla, Alexis, Taylor, Ryder, Matthew, Nicholas, Austin, Larson, Jennifer, and Jackson.

academic Recognition Banquet: students

Teachers recognized at the banquet.