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Lake Havasu High School DECA students travel to Atlantic City

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. It is an international organization of marketing students. DECA sponsors leadership workshops and competitions. Participation in these activities allows students to put classroom learning into practice. They travel to events in Phoenix and Tucson as a simulated business trip. The dress code is professional dress. Students will test in a marketing function or category, then they are given a related business problem or situation to solve in front of a judge (business person from the community). Their success at these competitions qualified two Lake Havasu High students, and their teacher Tara Wyneken, to attend a DECA conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Mrs. Wyneken sent us the story below.

This past April 25-30, LHHS DECA students John and Brett attended the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. John was one of 10 Arizona high school seniors to attend the Senior Management Institute at the conference, while Brett attended the Leadership Development Academy. They earned this opportunity during the DECA Arizona State Competition in Tucson, Arizona this past March. John received medals for both of his role plays which involved solving simulated retail merchandising problems. Brett placed second overall in the General Marketing Individual Event. This event included a written test on general business knowledge and two role plays solving simulated business problems.

Teacher Tara Wyneken and students John and Brett.
Teacher Tara Wyneken and LHHS students John and Brett stop for a picture during their trip to Atlanta for the International Career Development Conference.

John commented, "At the Senior Management Institute I had the pleasure of meeting chief Executives from Safeway, Finish Line, and ESB Productions. I learned many things from these leaders and gained much knowledge of what I had to do to be prepared for college and the future. Not only did I meet those executives but I also had the pleasure to meet other high school seniors that were going through the same things I was going through."

John continued, "College was coming fast for all of us and we discussed our problems, and found some solutions. After discussing these solutions it was nice to find out what the other future college freshmen were getting ready to do with their lives and what their plans had been and are now. At first, I wasn't sure what was going to happen in college but now I have a definite idea of what I want to do there and what my plans for the future will be."

Brett said, "The LDA (Leadership Development Academy) was an educational experience for DECA members who want to learn and improve their abilities as leaders. LDA trainers share their DECA experience and knowledge of teamwork, communication, vision development, and professionalism. Students who attended learned essential DECA chapter management skills, networked with leaders from across DECA's associations, and had a great time!"

Brett continued, "I personally enjoyed the leadership education and teamwork along with generating ideas, advertising and marketing them. We were taught money management and how one or a few people can bring down a whole business (Enron). I gained a lot of knowledge from this experience and look forward to pursuing my education along the line of business management and marketing. We comprehended a tremendous amount of information that will help us in our future competitions, role-plays, and upcoming careers. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

DECA is eligible for tax credit dollars.