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Lake Havasu Unified School District’s Developmental Preschool is a reverse mainstreaming program where children with differing abilities and disabilities play and learn together in the same classroom. The program is designed to serve both special needs and typically developing preschoolers who are three to five years old (not eligible age for kindergarten).

Preschool Staff

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Ms. Miller

Psychologist Assistant/Preschool Office Assistant

Ms. Hawkinson


Ms. Alexander
Ms. Davis
Ms. Hansen


Ms. Bliss
Ms. Burger
Ms. Castellanos
Ms. Gomez
Ms. Hernon
Ms. Hubbard
Ms. Hull


Ms. Quinn, Speech Pathologist
Ms. Stello, Speech Assistant
Ms. Riggert, Speech Assistant

Ms. Skowera, School Psychologist

Ms. Halfacre, Physical Therapist

Ms. Bonnanzio, Occupational Therapist