Student Intervention Team


Smoketree’s Student Intervention Team consists of the principal, classroom teacher, interventionist, academic coach, school nurse, school psychologist, parent, and if needed the speech therapist, and physical, or occupational therapist.

Students are referred to this team who are at risk academically or behaviorally. At the review meeting parents are asked to attend so that they are a part of the brainstorming process. Working as a team, the main objective is to establish goals that will build success for the student in the academic environment. Each person at the meeting is responsible to support the student in achieving the identified goals.

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District Staff

Speech Therapy

Ms. Quinn, Speech Pathologist
Ms. Stello, Speech Assistant
Ms. Riggert, Speech Assistant


Ms. Skowera

Physical Therapy

Ms. Halfacre

Occupational Therapy

Ms. Bonnanzio