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School Ratings: Making the Grade

Like the students they serve, Arizona schools now receive a letter grade. The Arizona Department of Education is switching from its AZ LEARNS School Achievement Profile Ratings to a letter grade system. The old rating system labeled schools as failing, underperforming, performing, performing plus, highly performing, or excelling. That system will become obsolete in 2013-14. The new rating system—called the A-F Accountability Profile—awards a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F to each school. F schools are those that rank as a D school for three consecutive years, so there are no F schools this year. School districts also receive a letter grade. Lake Havasu Unified's ratings for 2010-11 are shown below.

School 2010 AZ Learns Rating 2011 AZ Learns 2011 Letter Grade
Havasupai Elementary Performing Plus Performing Plus B
Jamaica Elementary Highly Performing Highly Performing A
Nautilus Elementary Highly Performing Highly Performing A
Oro Grande Elementary Highly Performing Highly Performing A
Smoketree Elementary Highly Performing Highly Performing A
Starline Elementary Highly Performing Excelling B
Thunderbolt Middle School Excelling Excelling A
Lake Havasu High School Highly Performing Performing C
Lake Havasu Unified District #1     B

LHUSD will continue to develop plans to address the requirements of the new profile system. We are very pleased with the academic performances of our students and our school profiles. We will continue to improve and maintain our levels of excellence and high standards and expectations. Congratulations to staff, parents, and students.

You can read more about the new A-F school rating system on the Arizona Department of Education website.

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