Message from the Principal: Encouraging Good Behavior

This was written by our former principal Mr. Gardner, but it is still good information.

I’ve shared information previously about a program implemented at Oro Grande this year. The program, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based approach that focuses on preventing challenging behavior through the implementation of positive, proactive strategies throughout the entire school.

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We’ve rolled out most of the program this quarter, and teachers have presented lessons to students about expectations for all areas of the school. Everything is fair and straight forward. You may wish to ask your child about the word R.A.C.E and what it means at Oro Grande.

We want to recognize students who exhibit the expected behavior. The PBIS committee created a rewards/incentives program and I will share this with students by grade level before the fall break. We’ve created class rewards and individual rewards and we are allowing students to have a choice in their end product. If you’d like to know more about the incentives/rewards, please visit with your child’s teacher or contact my office.We are very excited about this program.

We also received a $500 donation from the Kiwanis Organization. I’m utilizing these funds to purchase some additional incentives to encourage students to attend school. A Wii gaming system will be awarded to an Oro Grande student with perfect attendance through a random drawing. Other students with perfect attendance may receive a Hastings gift card of various monetary values through a drawing.

In fairness to our students, every student will start the second quarter with a clean attendance slate and all will be eligible for this new program. This information will be shared with students before they go on break.

I encourage you to stay involved with your child’s education. Parents again are the first and perhaps most important teacher and children certainly develop ideas about the world as they see their parents modeling behavior and values. Please spend time with your children, make family time a priority, and invest some time in reading with your children. The value you place on their education will be returned over time tenfold. To those parents that are walking the walk, I thank you.

With respect,
Brad Gardner