This is a list of special event days at Oro Grande. Check our newsletter for more information about special activities, and use the "District Calendar" link at the bottom of this page to see the district calendar showing holidays, early release days, etc. for all district schools.

Special Days

Thursdays are early release days. School is out at 1 p.m.

Fridays are School Spirit Days. Wear your Oro Grande T-shirt.

October 23, & 30 (Thursdays)
Early release, 1 pm.

October 6 (Monday)
Last day to register to vote in general election. Register online.

October 6–10
No school, Fall Break.

October 9–31
Early voting available. Aquatic Center, Mon.–Fri., 8 am–5pm.

October 21 (Tuesday)
P.T.A.C. cookie dough sales and K-12 fundraiser, "Taste of Havasu."

October 23 (Thursday)
Fall Into Math Night, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm. Math activities and fun for the whole family. More...

October 28 (Tuesday)
School picture retakes.

November 6 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

November 11 (Tuesday)
No school, Veteran's Day.

November 13 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

November 20 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

November 26–28
No school, Thanksgiving.

December 4 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

December 11 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

December 18 (Thursday)
Early Release, 1 pm.

December 19 (Friday)
No school, inservice day for staff.

December 22–January 2
No school, Christmas/Winter Break.

January 5 (Monday)
School resumes.