A Blue Ribbon School

Nautilus Elementary School was named a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, a 2013 NCEA ACT Higher Performing School, and a National Title I Distinguished School.

A new chiller.
Mr. John Lintz (pictured here with several Nautilus students), along with Exxon Mobile, recently presented the Nautilus\ASU Stem Club with a check for $500. This money will be utilized for general science experiments with Nautilus 5th graders, Mrs. DePuydt and Mrs. Shettko, and ASU Science Students under the direction of Dr. Ryan Nangreave.
A new chiller.
Nautilus will have new chillers installed the weekend of Feb. 14-16th. The new chillers will replace the antiquated, original chillers of twenty nine years. The State’s School Facility Board paid for the chillers and the installation. Thank you, School Facility Board!!
Rubber mulch for the playground.
Nautilus Students will have new rubberized mulch under the lower field exercise apparatuses. A coordination between Nautilus’s PTSO and a discounted price from Mr. Gonzalez @ Lowe’s has allowed for our student’s safety once again. Thank you Nautilus PTSO and Mr. Gonzalez. We appreciate the support!

At Nautilus Elementary, we believe children are our future! We provide a safe, caring atmosphere, encouragement, and high expectations so student can reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential. Everyone has the capacity to learn. We will help our students become responsible, productive citizens, and life-long learners. Education is the responsibility of the entire community. The faculty and staff of Nautilus Elementary are very happy to welcome you to our school. We are confident you will enjoy working and learning with us. We sincerely hope you take an active part in our school activities and you will support us in every way possible. One of our goals, as professional educators, is to give each child the best education possible. With your help and support, we can accomplish this goal!

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