Transcript of Jamaica Elementary School A+ Video

The video contains many images of Jamaica students and staff, including two students playing music on steel drums, students doing math problems on individual, desk-top white boards, a student holding up a library book, a police officer speaking to students in their classroom, and the school mascot (Jamie the Crocodile). There is no dialog, just a narrator who says:

Steel drums resonate through the halls of Jamaica Elementary, an excelling K-5 school where the mission is to “educate the total child within a safe, structured, yet flexible environment”.

At Jamaica the goal is to provide an education where students develop many interests along with a love of learning. Jamaica teachers and staff seamlessly blend a challenging curriculum with instructional strategies that attract the attention of all learners.

Academic time finds students busy learning new concepts while mastering newly taught skills. The library is home to the classic books children cherish and welcomes students with open arms to encourage reading. Staying true to Jamaica’s mission to educate the total child, a host of supplemental activities are provided for the students. Every week, the children enjoy structured, standard based lessons in art, music, physical education, and technology.

The school mascot, Jamie the crocodile, is often seen on campus welcoming students, giving pointers on character traits, and reminding students of the school rules. Teachers collaborate on a daily basis to make sure that every child is on the right path to academic success.

It is this dedication mixed with a dynamic learning environment centered on instruction that clearly demonstrates Jamaica Elementary Schools commitment to achieving every student’s educational dream.

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