District selects new food service company for 2014-15

Taher logoDuring its April 8th meeting, the governing board of Lake Havasu Unified School district awarded the district food service contract for 2014-15 to Taher, Inc.

The district has contracted food service to Aramark for the last 20 years. Even though that relationship has been satisfactory, the law requires that such contracts be reviewed periodically. A district committee recently evaluated food service proposals from three companies (Aramark, Taher, and Southwest Food Service Excellence) and decided that Taher was offering more. The president and founder of Taher, Bruce Taher, attended the governing board meeting and spoke briefly. "I represent," Taher said, "a group of food people who like to hang around food—primarily fresh food from the local area as much as possible . . . Having a lot of fun with food, that's our primary focus . . . We like to prepare as much as 60% of our meal from scratch."

The governing board thanked Aramark for a successful 20-year partnership.

More about the 4/8 board meeting | An interview with Mr. Taher done for The Food Channel

Destination: Decades! at Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Middle School students will be spending the next few weeks working on a special research project. Between now and May 15, every student at Thunderbolt will be researching, creating, building, and sharing their learning about a project of their choice. Each of the 22 project options is tied to a specific decade from the past century and also based in a certain content area: math, social studies, English, science, art, music, tech, engineering, and physical education. The groups, however, will find that knowledge from every class will be needed to successfully complete this challenge!

Possible topics are based on the events of past decades, and include:

  • 1900s
    • Sherlock Holmes: research the life of an author and investigator, and create your own graphic stories.
    • Buy Me! Buy Me!: Marketing Prepared Foods. Research how companies such as Kellogg’s, Post, and Quaker used mass marketing to promote their products
  • 1960s
    • The Kennedy Assassination: research the mysteries surrounding this 50 year old assassination.
    • Beatlemania: how did the Beatles impact culture and carry messages of world issues in their music?
  • 2000s
    • Tech in the New Millennium: how have Facebook and other social media affected business Marketing plans? What sort of privacy concerns have come with this trend?
    • CSI: plan a fake crime scene and create a detailed, 3D diorama that includes all evidence, suspects, victims, measurements, locations, and measurements needed to find the crime’s solution.

Too many exciting choices. Read more about Destination: Decades!

Governing board hears about district infrastructure needs

Update 2/28/2014: We have added two new documents to the list below. One is a more specific list of needs for athletic field improvements, and the other is a summary of all needs that is an updated version of the summary PowerPoint given at the 2/18/14 governing board work session. It has been updated to address questions that have been asked.

We routinely post information on our website about the public meetings of our governing board. There are always several ways to get to that information using links on this page. Since there has been some public interest in the discussion at three recent governing board work sessions, here are some direct links to information (including video) from those meetings.

Stephanie McCorkle awarded K-12 Foundation Golden Apple

The K-12 Foundation for LHUSD#1 presented the Sherry Dailey Golden Apple Award for March, 2014 to Jamaica Elementary 6th grade teacher Stephanie McCorkle. More and a picture.

Ad designers earn $$$ for their classrooms

Lake Havasu Unified elementary school students answered a Design-An-Ad challenge from the White Sheet and earned $3,200.

 Pictured: John Schneider from the White Sheet presents check to superintendent Malay.

Quoted from the White Sheet:

In an effort to put dollars back into our local school district, we were happy to afford students in grades 1-6 the opportunity to create their own personal, artistic advertisements for Lake Havasu City Area businesses, and to see their creative work displayed in print . . . We support teachers and principals in encouraging students to embrace creativity, while, perhaps for the first time, introducing these young artists to the intriguing world of media design.

The White Sheet is donating a portion of the sales, $6 per ad sold, to the student designers' classrooms, to be used in whatever educational manner the teachers choose. In addition . . . the White Sheet will donate 10% of the total proceeds to the school district. We are proud to say the donation for the 1st Annual Design-An-Ad is $3,200.40.

Maybe some of the slogans students came up with will be permanently adopted by businesses. How about these two examples written for Eyes of Arizona.

  • The place to be when you can't see. (by Lexi at Jamaica Elementary)
  • If your vision gets blurry come to me in a hurry. (by Mikaela at Nautilus Elementary)

Thanks to Mr. Schneider and the White Sheet for this educational and rewarding opportunity.

Read the special White Sheet Design-An-Ad issue. (This is a very large pdf file.)

Ready for Kindergarten?

Children in our community come to school with varying levels of preparedness for kindergarten. You can evaluate some areas of your child's development and maturity yourself and find areas you may need to work on. More...

A big anniversary is approaching

Logo of School District 25July 1, 2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of Lake Havasu School District. The district was formed in 1964 to serve the growing school aged population of Lake Havasu City and was called Lake Havasu School District #25 (map). District #25 was an elementary district, serving only grades K-8. A new, three-classroom school (Lake Havasu City Elementary School) was built for the 1964-65 school year. The school stood on the site of the current Smoketree Elementary School. Local high school students were bused to a high school in Kingman. The first board members (Board of Trustees) of District #25 were Gordon Tulk (chairman), Glen Anderson (clerk), and Carroll Young.

New schools were added over the years, and, in 1983, the district became a K-12 district with a new name—Lake Havasu Unified School District #1.

We are proud and grateful to have been a part of this community for so many years.

If you have a picture or story you would like to share about those early days, please email gpankow@havasu.k12.az.us. We will publish these and other materials as the anniversary date approaches.

Solar makes every sunny day good news for the school district

Solar panel installation has been completed at Lake Havasu High School and the Lake Havasu Unified district office. Covered parking structures have been erected with the solar panels installed on top, similar to what you see at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center. This was done under a lease/purchase agreement and is cost neutral to the school district. Money saved on utility bills for the two sites will be used to pay for the project. The payments are roughly equal to the current electric bill for the affected areas. Electric rates may rise, but our payments are fixed and will stay the same for 15 years. After 15 years, project costs will have been repaid and the school district will own the panels and the electricity they produce.

Read more about the solar project...

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