Lake Havasu High School


LHHS Counseling Office
2675 Palo Verde Boulevard S.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Phone (928) 854-5327
FAX (928) 854-5490

We are a part of Lake Havasu Unified School District #1.

We may provide links to outside websites that contain information about our students (including full name and pictures), but such links will be limited to those related to a legitimate academic or extracurricular activity.

Register for School

To register a student at Lake Havasu High School please contact the Registrar.

The registrar will schedule an appointment so that a registration packet can be completed and you can meet with the counselor to get the student’s schedule.

If coming from a previous school you will need to provide withdrawal grades, transcript, immunizations, and the student’s official birth certificate. You will also need to provide an Arizona residency document such as an Arizona driver’s license, a rental agreement, or other documentation.

If the student receives special services please bring the current IEP or 504 so that our Special Education department can review them prior to enrollment for placement. We can also mail enrollment packets if requested.


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