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- Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Resources (pdf documents)

Parents/Students: use the links below to complete the FSA ID and FAFSA.

Dear Parent/Guardian,
To best prepare your senior for post secondary opportunities they will be participating in a Career Center visit in mid September. During this visit they will be informed about important senior deadlines, college and career presentations and assessments (ACT/ SAT/ASVAB ), and scholarships.
One of our new school objectives is for every senior to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You may wonder why a senior needs to complete the FAFSA if they are not planning to attend college. FAFSA:

• allows parents and students to make informed decisions.
• is the first step in finding out how much financial aid is available.
• is NOT a loan application.
• increases the likelihood of attending and completing college or vocational/trade school.
• is required to be eligible for merit based and other scholarships
• allows students to keep all of their post secondary options open in the event circumstances change.

The National Center for Education and Statistics states that 90% of high school seniors who complete the FAFSA attend college directly out of high school. Each year, more than 18 million people submit a FAFSA. The US Department of Education provides more than $120 billion dollars in federal student aid.
The first step in completing the FAFSA is securing an FSA ID. Seniors will create their FSA ID during the Career Center visit. Seniors will need to know their social security number in order to obtain their FSA ID. We ask that you have your senior take a picture of their social security card or write the number down and keep it in a secure location. Please do not send the social security card with your senior. Parents will also need to obtain their own FSA ID. Directions will be sent home with your senior on setting up an account.
During the week of October 2, 2017 seniors will be completing the student portion of the FAFSA application. During the same week parents will have the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by the College Knowing & Going Helios Education Foundation.

Scott Becker, Principal
Lake Havasu High School


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