Lake Havasu High School


LHHS Attendance Office
2675 Palo Verde Boulevard S.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Phone (928) 854-5324
FAX (928) 854-5499

We are a part of Lake Havasu Unified School District #1.

We may provide links to outside websites that contain information about our students (including full name and pictures), but such links will be limited to those related to a legitimate academic or extracurricular activity.

Attendance Office

Direct phone number for Attendance: 928-854-5324.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I report an absence?
    A parent or guardian must notify the attendance office by phone or in writing on the day of the absence.
  • What if my student has to leave campus during the day for an appointment?
    The parent or guardian may call the attendance office giving at least a TWO hour notice. The attendance office will send a pass to the student to leave campus. The student will come to the Attendance Office to sign out.
  • What if my student is going to be late for school?
    The parent or guardian should call the attendance office to report the tardy, write a note, or come in with the student. The student will sign in at attendance and will be given a pass to enter class.
  • What is the Tardy policy for the student’s FIRST class of the day?
    1st thru 3rd Tardy: Excused with note, (Per semester).
    4th Tardy: 1 hour detention.
    5th and 6th Tardy: 2 hours detention.
    7th and 8th Tardy: 1 day ISS.
    9th Tardy: May be removed from class.

Please refer to the student planner for Lake Havasu High School attendance policy.