April 2015

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

1 :00 AM 2 :00 AM
PD in PJs - March 2015 (Arianna Huffington) PD in your PJs


PD in your PJs allows staff to watch video(s) and share their "aHa" moments in

Edmodo, a virtual, collaborative environment. For credit, participants must complete

2 posts in Edmodo. March 2015 = Topic Coming Soon!

Monday, April 06, 2015

4 :00 PM 6 :00 PM
SmartBoard 2 Michelle Burke

Teachers will learn how to successfully integrate their SmartBoard. Advanced tools

include: Picture Transparency, Activity Builder, and Slide Recorder. In addition, Lake

Havasu Notebook “best practices/lessons” will be shared.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

3 :30 PM 5 :30 PM
Critical Friends Group 9 of 10 - Tbolt

4 :00 PM 6 :00 PM
Advanced Using Socratic Seminar to Meet AZCCRS (Target Audience 7-12) Ginny Sautner and

Tania Gray

Socratic Seminar is a deep analysis of works of quality and substance by a group of

students facilitated by a teacher. A text can be a piece of literature, informative text,

historical documents, or a piece of art or music. The main goal is for students to

build conceptual understanding of the texts and ideas by asking questions, citing

evidence, and conversing with each other to make meaning. Effectively implemented,

Socratic seminars enhance reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing

skills; a perfect vehicle for teaching Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

The session will include:

• Using the inside/outside circle approach

• Discussion on evaluating students in Socratic seminars

• Aligning what students say to standards

• Turning Socratic seminar discussion into writing

6 :00 PM 8 :00 PM
Guiding Good Choices Parenting Class 2 of 5 - Cycle 3 Joni Hall

We are writing to encourage you to take advantage of an important opportunity.

Guiding Good Choices is a five session interactive parenting workshop that will give

you the skills to work together and take action now to prevent and effectively deal

with behavior problems.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015
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