4 :00 PM 6 :00 PM
Introduction to Using Socratic Seminar to Meet AZCCRS (Target Audience 7-12) Ginny Sautner and

Tania Gray

Socratic Seminar is a deep analysis of works of quality and substance by a group of

students facilitated by a teacher. A text can be a piece of literature, informative text,

historical documents, or a piece of art or music. The main goal is for students to

build conceptual understanding of the texts and ideas by asking questions, citing

evidence, and conversing with each other to make meaning. Effectively implemented,

Socratic seminars enhance reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing

skills; a perfect vehicle for teaching Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

The session will include:

• Explanation of Socratic seminar

• Discussion regarding how to select seminar reading and develop seminar questions

• Discussion of how to facilitate: techniques, classroom management, and getting

students to participate

• Participation in a group seminar
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