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Thank you to all 2012 tax credit supporters

Last in-person tax credit contribution of 2012.
Sheryl Berlant (on left) makes the last walk-in tax credit contribution of 2012 to district office staff Mary Heronema, Jackie Taylor, and Alice Opie.

[UPDATE: As of 1/17, the 2012 tax credit total is at $525,000, beating the 2011 total of $518,000.]

Sheryl Berlant made the last walk-in tax credit contribution of 2012. When the office doors were locked at 3 p.m. on December 31st and Sheryl's contribution was figured in, tax credit contributions for 2012 totaled over $500,000. The total will go higher as some contributions are still in the mail.

The students and staff of Lake Havasu Unified School District thank all those who participate in the Arizona public school tax credit program. Your tax credit contributions help support a long list of clubs and activities in our schools such as band, choir, student government, SkillsUSA, educational tour group, National Honor Society, etc. The list is long. In addition to helping students, the tax credit program can save you money at tax time and keeps state tax dollars in Havasu. Everybody wins. It is never too early to start thinking about tax credit 2013. For more information call 505-6917 or click tax credit.