Racing for education

Note- This item was posted in 2007. Since then, the car was finished, and it does race at the local speedway.

Racing for Education is how Lake Havasu High School automotives teacher Brian Steele refers to his racing program. Approved by our governing board in October of 2006, this is a new program for the high school. It allows students in the school’s automotive classes to work on a race car which will compete in races at local Sara Park race track (also known as Havasu 95 Speedway).

Their car is a donated, stripped out 1983 Ford Crown Victoria. In addition to removing most of the passenger amenities (like seats), students have put a replacement engine and transmission in the car, fabricated and installed a roll cage and padding to protect the driver, and installed a special fuel cell—all according to the specifications and rules of the Havasu 95 Speedway. They hope the car will be ready in time to participate in the March 10 races, but some last minute mechanical problems need to be handled first. Update- As of 4/19, the car is still being worked on and has not raced.

The car will be driven by a student who earns the honor by maintaining a C grade average in all subjects, working on the car both during class time and after hours during open shop evenings, and by lining up sponsors to help with donations of materials. In addition to the padding, roll cage, and safety harness in the car, the driver will wear a helmet and fire-resistant clothing. Teacher Steele says the racing program has sparked a new interest in automotive classes, and even brought in five female students. Steele emphasizes to his students that doing well in all their school classes is important, and will make them more successful in whatever employment field they choose.

Pictures of race car...

Thanks to all program sponsors: Discount Tire, A&B Supply, Big O Tires, Arizona Racing Accessories, Top Gun Tools, Mac Tools, Mack Signs, JD Machine, Havasu Iron, Superior Transmission and Clutch, Wet Monkey Power Sports, Havasu 95 Speedway, and Pro One.