High School students paint 9/11 mural
Seven Lake Havasu High School art students have painted a mural in recognition of the fifth anniversary of 9/11. The mural is on a wall at Lake Havasu Fire Station #1 and was done as part of a dual enrollment (Lake Havasu High/Mohave Community College) art class.  The good news is that it is a beautiful and moving tribute to all those who died in the World Trade Center on that day. The bad news is it is hidden away in a narrow hallway in a non-public area of a building few of us will ever visit.

The students (Salina, Monica, Juan, Griffin, Megan, Hannah, and Ariel) did not do the work for recognition, but we want to recognize them anyway, and we also want to give you a look at the mural.

The word "NEVER" is on the far left, and "FORGET" the far right, with "SEPT. 11, 2001" at the top, and an American flag behind it all.
Click on one of the four image panels to get a closer view. 

911 mural at Fire Station #1