Governor Napolitano visits Nautilus Elementary

Arizona governor Janet Napolitano was in town on January 10.  One of her stops was at Nautilus Elementary School where she read aloud to and chatted with 1st graders.Governor and students. 

Governor Napolitano read Don't Call Me Pig! (A Javelina Story) to the students.  The State of Arizona and the governor's office recently provided a copy of this book to all 1st graders in the state as part of a drive to promote reading.  Her visit to Nautilus dovetails nicely with the "Year of Reading" promotion going on in our school district. 

You may remember, in August of 2005, city mayor Bob Whelan signed a proclamation declaring 2005-06 the Year of Reading. District superintendent Malay said, "This year, LHUSD teachers will focus on the teaching of reading in all content areas to a higher degree than ever before." Reading was also the theme of the 2005 London Bridge Days Parade. Many of the parade floats were about books and reading.

After reading to the 1st graders, the governor asked if they had any questions for her.  Some of the questions and answers...

Q: How big are you?
A: Too big.
Q: How old are you?
A: 48.
Q: Do you write books?
A: No, I write memos.
Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Red.

The well-behaved group of students seemed to enjoy their time with the governor, and the governor seemed to be at ease and enjoying herself as well.  Her parting words, "If your parents ask what you did today, tell them you were hangin' out with the governor."

Before the governor left, superintendent Malay introduced her to Dan Matthews. Mr. Matthews started the SOCK (Save Our Children's Kindergarten) committee.  When our governing board called for the override, SOCK made a considerable financial donation to the override campaign. Reinstating a full day kindergarten program was one important result of the successful override election. More about override dollars...

When asked what her students thought of the governor's visit, 1st grade teacher Kathy Lott had this to say.

They thought it was exciting to see the governor. There were comments about her being fun, nice, and kind. My class thought it was a special treat to see someone that we have discussed in social studies during our Arizona unit. It brought a new understanding of what the governor does, her role, and how it affects everyone in Arizona.

Kristy McIntyre, another Nautilus 1st grade teacher, talked about the reaction of her students.

The children felt honored by the governor’s visit. They loved the way she involved them in reading the story with her. When the governor asked the students if they had any questions for her, the children enjoyed her responses regarding her personal likes and dislikes. They especially liked that her favorite animal is a lion and that she has traveled to so many places in the world.

All of us at Lake Havasu Unified and Nautilus Elementary want to thank the governor for stopping by and reminding our students that reading is educational and fun.

Pictures below, but it may take some time for them to download.