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Thunderbolt and High School bands participate in 9/11 memorial service

Band students and band teachers from Lake Havasu High School and Thunderbolt Middle School joined together to bring music to this year's 9/11 memorial service held September 11th, next to the city's permanent 9/11 memorial on London Bridge Beach. The combined bands played the National Anthem, God Bless the USA, and America the Beautiful, and also provided accompaniment to a soloist who played Taps. Their music helped make it a memorable tribute to the 9/11 dead, public safety workers, and those who serve in our armed forces.

Student musicians.
Thunderbolt Middle School and Lake Havasu High School bands played together at the 9/11 memorial service. Here is part of the brass section. Starting with the closest: Miranda, Shannon, Jesse, and Christopher (all from Thunderbolt), and then Rogelio and Jose from the High School. Two of the faces are partially hidden, but you can see six instruments. See another picture from the memorial service.