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Board to ASBA: work on revising school finance formula

The Lake Havasu Unified School District governing board has asked the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) to, "commit its resources to completing a revision of the school finance formula in a form appropriate for submission to the State Legislature." This was done in response to a list of 104 possible legislative priorities sent to the district by ASBA. Our governing board says it is a waste of time to talk about 104 different priorities when the school finance formula and its lack of proper funding for schools should be number one on everyone's list. Superintendent Malay told the board, "The lack of funding is causing such hardship and stress that it is now affecting student achievement." Read the governing board's letter to ASBA. Opens a PDF document

The governing board decided on this action at its regular monthly meeting on September 11. Read more about the September 11 meeting.

The Arizona School Boards Association is a non-profit organization who's mission (per www.azsba.org) is "promoting community volunteer governance of public education and continuous improvement of student success by providing leadership and assistance to public school governing boards." ASBA lobbies the state legislature on school related issues.