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Dress Code : A letter from the Superintendent

The topic of dress codes and school uniforms has always generated conversations!  At the school district and at school sites, we have had several complaints from students, parents, community members, and staff about the appearance and lack of modesty of our students, particularly during the warm weather times.  The standardized shirts have addressed several of the modesty issues, and the 2017-18 modification to fingertip length bottoms addressed additional concerns. However, we have continued to have modesty concerns expressed regarding the placement of holes in clothing; we have also had concerns expressed about the “appropriateness” of certain styles of clothing for school.

Our Governing Board has also expressed that our students’ appearance should be more about the “business” of school and should prepare students for dress that will align with most work place expectations.

On May 8, 2018, our Governing Board unanimously approved the addition of the following dress requirements:

“Bottoms shall be fingertip length, appropriately hemmed, cover all undergarments, and be free from rips, frays, holes, and tears.”

This allows students more choice in colors and styles than a uniform would, but also meets the modest and appropriate standard. 

Some families have expressed concerns about being able to find appropriate length items or items without rips, frays, holes and tears.  Levi’s, Dickies, Lee, Eddie Bauer, and Wrangler all have stylish shorts in a longer length as well as standard jeans without any “distressing.” Also, all of the uniform vendors, such as French Toast or Cat & Jack, sell longer shorts and skirts, and they are often less expensive and easily accessed on line.  I did a search online for “longer shorts” and was amazed at all of the options and how stylish they were for both our boys and girls.

We are hoping that as families are doing their school clothes shopping, these suggestions will ensure success.  We will be enforcing the dress code at all of our schools beginning the first day of school, August 6, 2018.



Diana M. Asseier

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