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#RedforEd - Possible Walk-Out

Important Information for Parents


Lake Havasu Unified School District Parents and Guardians,

There has been a great deal of media coverage and social media activity about the Arizona Educators United #RedforEd initiative involving teachers and others engaged in activities to bring attention to the issue of low public education funding in Arizona.

Many Lake Havasu Unified School District teachers, staff and community members have joined their voices to this cause.  You may have seen groups of staff assembling on public sidewalks near our schools and then walking into their schools to begin the day.  The walk in gatherings have been before school and did not have an impact on the regular school day. We want to commend our Havasu teachers for the professional way they have handled themselves and for the respect they have shown our students and families.  The before school activities have provided our teachers and staff an avenue to express themselves about the impact of the school funding issues in Arizona.

Governor Doug Ducey has proposed a plan that would provide teacher pay increases and help provide funding for District Additional Assistance (DAA).  DAA provides monies for capital items such as buses, buildings, building maintenance, and classroom materials. The Arizona Educators United (AEU) and the Arizona Educators Association (AEA) do not support the Governor’s proposal, as it only addressed teachers, not all staff; it relies on reductions to other important funding; and they believe it is not sustainable for the long term.

Per media reports and social media posts, the Arizona Educators United #RedforEd organizers and the Arizona Educators Association have called a school walkout for April 26, 2018.  In conjunction with the Lake Havasu Education Association leadership and AEU representatives, we are working on alternatives that will support our teachers, but avoid disrupting the school day for students.  


Our joint plan is for Lake Havasu Schools to be open and in session that day.

However, in the event that large numbers of teachers walkout, LHUSD will make every effort to avoid closing district schools. Unfortunately, if we have too few staff members to ensure the safety on our campuses, we may be forced to close schools.  

In the event that we are unable to hold school, we will use all modes of communication to alert families to the closures including our parent alert system, emails, phone calls, district and school websites, and social media. Please- only rely on Lake Havasu School District communications to determine if schools are closed due to the walk out.

Thank you for your support of our educators and our school district. We continue to make the education of your children our priority.


Diana M. Asseier



FAQ for parents regarding possible walk out plan

There are a number of questions about what a potential walkout and school shutdown may look like and how it would impact our schools.  Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers.

How will I find out my child’s school is closed?

Please only rely on the official district communication avenues for information on a school closing. LHUSD will use our emergency notification system, our website, school websites, phone calls with district officials, and verified district and school social media accounts to communicate information regarding a school closing.  For a missed phone call, please check the voicemail message before calling the school as staff will not be available at the school.

If a school is closed, would the school year be extended?      

Yes. According to state laws and current policies, any day that a school is closed would have to be made up.

Would school closures affect graduation dates?

A closure would not affect the date of the graduation ceremonies; however, students may be required to come back after that ceremony to complete the school year, if the school year is extended due to a walk out.  

If a school is closed, would athletic practices or games be canceled?

Lower level high school and middle level athletics would be canceled.  Varsity games MAY continue as long as a coach is available for the sport, drivers are available if needed, and adequate supervision is available.

If a school is closed, would school trips take place as scheduled?

No. If schools are closed, school trips would be canceled.


School is open with limited staff and I send my child, what can I expect will happen that day?

The top priority will be the safety and security of the campus. There MAY be limited academic instruction and support services.  Lunch and breakfast services will be provided.

If a school is closed for more than one day, how often will I receive communication?

Parents can expect daily communication during a school closure.


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