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High School's Little Theater gets lighting upgrades

The Little Theater at Lake Havasu High School is getting a much-need makeover to its lighting system.

For more than 15 years, a mishmash of cobbled together lights, aging equipment and a control board that has failed twice this year, were used for school plays and musicals along with community hosted events. But mishmash of lights has ended.

Through more than $25,000 in funding from the Western Arizona Vocation Education School District, the Little Theater will soon see an upgrade to its lighting system.

The reason, said high school Principal Scott Becker, is to provide a quality experience for the technical theater students who lack up-to-date equipment and a lighting system that does not measure up to current educational standards.

“The primary component is lighting,” Becker said. “The theater does not have the ability to create or illustrate modern practices concerning technical lighting as required by current state standards and testing.”

The upgrade to selected lights and control board will come as a welcome relief to theater instructor Jason Fallis.

“In its current state, the lighting is outdated and cannot meet current demands,” Fallis said. “The light board as best we can guess … is about 15 to 20 years old. It’s analogue, which is outdated. Everything now is digital.”

Along with not being able to provide students with proper training on modern equipment, Fallis said, it comes down to a safety issue. During one blackout this year a student fell from the stage.

“We’re not replacing the entire light system, but we are replacing some lights that cause the safety issue, and also lights that are a hodgepodge of garage sale (stuff) that we’ve accumulated,” Fallis said. “The theater is in great shape. The sound is in great shape. It’s just the lighting system that’s failing.”

by David Louis, Today's News-Herald*
Jan 22, 2018

*used with permission

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