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Students celebrate first 100 days at Havasu schools

 Smoketree students participate in 100th day activities.
Smoketree students participate in 100th day activities.

The 100th day of the school year represents a milestone moment for students, teachers and administrators. Halfway through the year, they are all amazed how much has taken place.

That day arrived Tuesday, with Lake Havasu Unified School District Superintendent Diana Asseier remembering how the kindergarten classes and first graders were challenged on the first day of school in August when asked to form a straight line.

“It’s incredible the amount of growth,” Asseier said. “It’s impressive to see their understanding of being students and their ability to stay focused along with what they’ve learned. For an adult, 100 days is not a long time, but for a young child and even a teenager there is a lot of growth and change.”

Growth is not limited to just the students.

First-year Principal Roger Burger said there’s been a definite learning curve after taking the helm at Nautilus Elementary School this year.

“I can’t believe I made it to 100 days,” Burger said with a laugh. “At day number eight, I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it, but on day nine it was really good.”

Burger credits his staff and the support he has received from parents for his success. “Anxiety did get to me at first, but it’s been good since then,” Burger added. “I’m still learning about curriculum. This is the biggest learning curve … but Nautilus is its own little community with a great staff that takes care of me pretty good.”

In the classroom, 100 days allows teachers to make mathematical concepts relevant, beginning with counting off the first 10 days of school, then the next 10 and building to the halfway mark of the school year.

In her 11 years at Smoketree Elementary School, kindergarten teacher Athena Cota has seen many 100-day celebrations.

“We really make it a lot of fun,” Cota said. “Right from the first day we start talking about this, so it’s something that becomes really exciting for the students,” Cota said. “We talk about what we’ve learned and where we want to be in the future. Even though they are young, the celebration gives them a chance to think about where they might be when they are 100 years old.”



by David Louis, Today's News-Herald*
Jan 24, 2018

*used with permission

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